Mirador Magazine is an ad-free, age-appropriate online and print publication for neurodivergent communities. Our growing readership includes those with various stages of dementia and people of all ages recovering from brain trauma such as concussion, TBI or stroke. We also have readers who experience chronic symptoms from autoimmune disease and people with autism and ADHD.

Mirador Magazine: Making Connections

Our pages include short features on nature, science, history, and the people who make our world wonderful. Mirador Magazine is about making connections within oneself, with others, and building community. Each page and online offering can be enjoyed alone or with family members and friends cross-generationally.

Our quarterly print magazine is also available digitally with audio narration and links to additional content. Activities for each issue are available for download and bonus content is offered as well. We currently have five issues available online in Spanish. We know that reading provides self-comfort and helps protect cognitive function. Many people love reading but can become frustrated when unable to find reading materials that are accessible to their changing brains. Our pages are designed to be easier to read than traditional magazines, with content that can help recall past experiences while also stimulating thought, creativity, and curiosity.

“Mirador Magazine is a leisure-oriented, age-appropriate online and print publication for people experiencing cognitive change.”

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What People are Saying About Mirador

I truly believe this is something that's rare and yet much needed.

Teepa Snow

Positive Approach to Care

Mom has long since realized magazines crammed with a confusing presentation of images and information is too much for her. The short pieces have been attracting her attention and I think might even be good for revitalizing her mental acuity. Mirador is a welcome innovation.

Daniel F.

A fantastic magazine for caregivers of those living with dementia. This is one of our favorite subscriptions for our clients!!

Dementia360 Consulting

This is a high quality magazine that doesn’t focus on dementia but has a variety of stories, games and pictures to engage in.

Lori La Bey

Alzheimer's Speaks

It’s smart and witty and not condescending.

Rory N.

I LOVE the fact that it is SOPHISTICATED and beautiful.

Mary Moreland

Author of The Gap Between: Loving and Supporting Someone with Alzheimer’s
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