Memory Cafe Directory is the only resource you need to find a Memory Cafe, but it’s a lot more! In addition to in-person and virtual events, Memory Cafe Directory is home to activities and great resources. Just about anything you need to find, enjoy, start, or operate a Memory Cafe!


A Memory Cafe is a great place for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or any dementia or other memory loss. But it’s not just for them, but for their caregivers as well. A Memory Cafe is a safe and comfortable space where people can socialize, listen to music, play games and other activities. They can simply enjoy the company of those with the same things in common.

Welcome to Memory Cafe Directory!


Memory Cafe Directory

Memory Cafe Directory is your premier source of information about Memory Cafes across America, in Canada, Australia, the U.K., and more. 


Cafe Connect

Visit Cafe Connect to find a session with a convenient time. Participate from anywhere in the world using the Internet.


Memory Joggers

Use these free activities to exercise recall. Read the familiar phrase to your loved one and ask them to provide the final word.


Resource Library

Where a growing collection of valuable information to assist caregivers and individuals living with dementia can be found.

Get Started with Memory Cafe

By creating a comprehensive global directory for Memory Cafes, we believe that we can help raise awareness of the value Memory Cafes bring to families. Through the directory, we hope to allow more people to participate and enjoy the benefits Memory Cafes offer!

We look forward to seeing Memory Cafe growth, and to expand our listings for everyone’s benefit!

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