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All Home Care Matters is a podcast and YouTube show dedicated to helping provide resources to families as they face long-term care questions and issues for themselves and loved ones. We will be featuring in-depth discussions on important age related topics and offering valuable insights and information for families and those caring for loved ones.

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DementiaTLC is a platform for educating and providing support for all of those affected by Dementia, including those living with the condition, their loved ones, carers, family, friends, colleagues, professionals, and all those that could benefit from a little bit of knowledge or support.

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Trusted Product Reviews

All Home Care Matters proudly presents product reviews you can trust! Here we explore beneficial products for seniors and those with living with dementia or related conditions to find the best quality-of-life additions on the market!

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All Home Care Matters is sponsored by Enriched Life Home Care Services - an award-winning home care company that has been serving families and communities throughout Southeastern Michigan since 2013.

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