Dementia Darling

Dementia Darling is a dedicated platform for caregivers and those invested in dementia care.

Founded by Carrie Aalberts, Dementia Darling's vision is to ensure that every caregiver is supported throughout their journey. Our goal is to touch countless lives, dispelling myths about dementia and shining a spotlight on the realities of caregiving through the dissemination of valuable information and lived experiences.

Dementia Darling: A Dementia Caregiving Community

Carrie Aalberts holds a Master of Science in Gerontology and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. While she reveres caregivers across all phases of life, her professional focus has been predominantly on assisting both family and professional caregivers dealing with dementia. Over the past decade, she has committed herself to professional caregiving roles, and currently, she serves as a Care Advisor at Eugeria, a renowned company leading in the provision of dignified dementia products and support. Learn more about Eugeria at

Dementia Darling was established in 2019 as an expression of Carrie's fervent commitment to uplifting the dementia community. Here, we aim to be a source of guidance, comfort, and unwavering support. We encourage everyone in the caregiving community and beyond to reach out to fellow caregivers and those confronting dementia, fostering an environment of compassion and unity.

Your presence and dedication to your loved ones do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being a part of the Dementia Darling community!

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Dementia Darling is home to an incredible amount of caregiver resources to help those living and assisting with dementia. Visit the website today to learn more!

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