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Dementia Map offers FREE ACCESS to information about education, products, services, and more. Other tools include events, activities, books and digital media, housing and supportive services.

Dementia Map© is your primary source of information about your dementia care journey. Here, you’ll find valuable resources, an upcoming events calendar, a glossary with straightforward definitions of important dementia terms, and a blog with news and information on a variety of topics to help you along your way. See our Dementia Map Flyer for a quick introduction to Dementia Map you are welcome to share with family, friends, and your medical team. Introduce Dementia Map to anyone who could benefit from a rich collection of dementia resources.

Dementia Map: Global Resource Directory

Dementia Map is a FREE GUIDE to the resources needed by those diagnosed with a form of dementia, family members, and professionals providing care or services. Dementia Map offers:

Dementia Map Resource Directory

Resource Directory

Over 150 different resource categories are available. Easily searchable by topic, name, or location.

Dementia Map Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Valuable resources can be in person or online courses, seminars, or meetings. Find a format that is right for you.

DM Shop

Dementia Map Shop

Find products to help lighten your caregiving burden. All products easily available on Amazon.


Glossary of Terms

Learn more about the many terms encountered during your dementia journey. Each item described in simple, 3-sentence definitions.

Dementia Map Blog

Dementia Map Blog

Articles submitted by Dementia Map resources can provide you with just the right ammunition to address any caregiving situation.

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"You don't know what you don't know."

Dementia Map can help you discover products and services that can make your job easier. Visit Dementia Map today to learn more!

What Others Are Saying About Dementia Map

Becoming a Member of Dementia Map has been great for Mirador’s visibility. I really appreciate the extra marketing pushes from the online ads and social media shout-outs. I’ve had new subscribers tell me, “I saw you on Dementia Map” and “I heard of you through Lori La Bey.” As a start-up with limited marketing dollars, this has been money well spent!

Nikki Jardin

Co-Founder, Mirador Magazine

Thank you for managing such a great resource on dementia. I am sure it really helps families face it way more prepared.

Mindaugas Galvosas

Aichom CEO

We have many new people reach out to us and register for events through the Dementia Map Events Calendar. This is such a wonderful tool you are offering!

Lisa Blackburn

Positive Approach to Care.

I received an email yesterday, requesting a presentation for a memory care unit. I couldn’t figure out how they found me, but I went back and looked at the email and at the bottom I saw: “Sent via website directory.” Woo hoo!!!

Trish Laub

Author, Consultant, Speaker.
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