Here at TLC, we are only too aware that Dementia is so close to many of us, with so many of us having experience with the condition impacting our lives in a variety of ways.

About DementiaTLC

The aim of DementiaTLC is to educate and provide support for all those affected by Dementia, including those living with the condition, their loved ones, carers, family, friends, colleagues, professionals, and all those that could benefit from a little bit of knowledge or support.

Dementia is a condition close to our hearts having seen our grandmother live with the condition. Whilst Leah was very young (pre-teenage years) when her grandmother was diagnosed, we can relate to the similarities and variations of the condition. Having now developed our knowledge much more, we are keen to help and support others on their Dementia journeys.

Knowledge & Information

Knowledge is powerful and we believe that you can never have too much knowledge. Research continues and progresses and so our need to keep up-to-date never ends. We want to lighten the load and help with easy-to-read hints & tips to help you and your loved ones navigate, what can be, a tricky path through dementia.

Awareness & Support

Dementia is a condition that affects so many of us and yet so little awareness is raised. We want to bring Dementia to the forefront of people’s mind and support those in need, whether that be those finding out they have dementia, caregivers, loved ones of those diagnosed, professionals or the wider community.

Genuine Care

The impacts of death, dementia and mental illness can be catastrophic, something that we understand all too well. We want to ensure that we are able to help you, whether that be with knowledge & information, hints & tips, support or helping to protect your family’s future when relocating into care or putting legal documentation in place.

DementiaTLC's Carer's Voice

DementiaTLC's Carer's Voice offers unique guidance on important aspects of being a caregiver. From Employment Rights to State Benefits, these tips are geared toward U.K. carer's but offer tremendous insight for anyone who may be caring for a loved one and is in need of assistance.

How DementiaTLC Can Help


These activities work as stimulants for those with dementia or those who need to keep their mind busy.

Home Living

These tips and simple things can be done to adapt the houses of those you love that are living with Dementia.

Types of Dementia

Dementia is a condition that affects the mind and includes multiple different types that can affect an individual.


Implementing effective methods of communication is so important when dealing with individuals with Dementia.

DementiaTLC Resources


These resources can help anyone living with dementia better understand and manage their situation.

DementiaTLC Articles

These postings offer unique perspectives on Dementia and its impact on our daily lives.

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Sundowning often occurs in people with Dementia as the day progresses and they become more tired. Sundowning usually ...
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A Chat with All Home Care Matters

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A question we are often asked is… How do you tell the difference between general signs of ageing ...
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Signs of Caregiver Burnout

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