It was an absolute pleasure to chat with All Home Care Matters on their wonderful podcast and YouTube channel.

On the show we discussed our work on the DementiaTLC instagram page, my experience and journey with a loved one’s Dementia, the types of Dementia, resources and some tips for caregivers.

The aim of DementiaTLC is to educate and provide support for all those affected by Dementia…those living with the condition, their loved ones, caregivers, family, friends, colleagues, professionals and all those that could benefit from a little bit of knowledge or support.

We KNOW the road is tough, we have been there, believe us – but it doesn’t have to be all negativity, doom and gloom. There are rays of sunshine and positivity and we should embrace these, support each other and raise each other up.

Watch the full interview on the All Home Care Matters Official YouTube channel:


All Home Care Matters is a podcast and YouTube show dedicated to helping provide resources to families as they face long-term care questions and issues for themselves and loved ones. The shows feature in-depth discussions on important age related topics and offer valuable insights and information for families and those caring for loved ones.