Alzheimer's Speaks

Alzheimer’s Speaks is making an international impact in dementia care, helping people live graciously alongside dementia at all levels around the world.

Dementia Darling

Founded by Carrie Aalberts, Dementia Darling's vision is to ensure that every caregiver is supported throughout their journey. It's a dedicated platform for caregivers.

Dementia Map

Dementia Map© is your primary source of information about your dementia care journey. You'll find valuable resources, upcoming events, and a detailed glossary.

Love Conquers Alz.

The goal of Susie Singer and Don Priess was to let others know they are not on their own and to help them find the JOY in the journey, just what they do in their podcast, "Love Conquers Alz".

Mirador Magazine

Mirador Magazine is an ad-free, age-appropriate online and print publication for neurodivergent communities, including those with various stages of dementia.

My Mom and The Girl

My Mom and The Girl is a short film based on filmmaker, Susie Singer Carter's, journey caregiving for her Mother, Norma, who lived with Alzheimer's for 16 years.

No Country for Old People

"No Country for Old People" is a film that highlights the importance of fighting ageism and eldercare issues. Join us in the fight against ageism today.

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