Easy On, Easy Off, Easy on the Eyes!

Joe & Bella is the first contemporary adaptive-apparel brand for older adults. We make stylish, comfortable clothes that innovatively balance form and function, in turn making dressing easier, stress-free, and more dignified. All of our clothes are modified to make dressing easier, simpler and safer, while ensuring you look and feel great in them! Crafted by top designers who have experience at Lululemon, Figs, Public Rec and 21 Pineapples, our clothes are created with premium fabric and expert design.  

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As a token of our appreciation to our friends at All Home Care Matters, we’re happy to provide you with an exclusive discount. Use code AHCM15 at checkout for 15% off your next order!

Joe & Bella is proud to feature Senior-Living Residents as our official fashion models! Check them out on the runway!

Joe & Bella
Joe & Bella

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