As our loved ones age and enter into their senior years these are supposed to be the “Golden Years” and there are happy moments, memorable moments, milestones to celebrate, and fond memories to reminisce about. However, they can also be times of strife and difficulty. Our loved ones can be slowly losing their independence and be left feeling a lack of control for the first time in their lives. It can also be as difficult for their family, children, and loved ones as they watch and try to help with these changes. Most families aren’t prepared when the time comes and quite often they are left unsure how to approach the situation and talk with their loved ones about the issues they are facing.

This is normal and understandable. Many times these situations come out of nowhere or they may see things that cause them concern. They may think mom or dad can handle it or maybe they see that dad is having difficulty walking unassisted and instead of talking to dad about it they decide to talk to mom and express concern. Then, mom wanting to protect her husband’s independence lets them know that dad is fine and that it’s just a little arthritis or they assure them that everything is fine because they don’t want to alarm their children. It can be a little difficult and tricky getting our parents and our elderly loved ones to acknowledge that there is anything to worry about. This is usually for two reasons – They are very private, independent, and from a generation of strength and pride. Another reason that’s common is they believe they are protecting their kids and family from being worried about them. If this sounds familiar, this episode will help you have a better and productive conversation with them by knowing what not to say to them when talking about the concerns that you have for them and their safety.