Mirador Magazine

All Home Care Matters is honored to welcome two incredible individuals as guest to the show and the Co-Founders of Mirador Magazine, Nikki Jardin and Tavé Fascé Drake.

About Nikki:

Nikki Jardin has meandered down a variety of paths throughout her life, resulting in a somewhat haphazard but ultimately rewarding work history. She loves traveling, being in nature, playing music, and sharing the wonder and beauty of the world through words and imagery.

About Tavé:

Tavé Fascé Drake is an artistic director, writer, entertainer, and optimist. Having a mother who was diagnosed with MS at an early age informs much of her work, including earlier breeding and training of companion, therapy, and service dogs. She is also the proud mother of two grown daughters, speaks 4+ languages, and has ADHD.

Summary of Mirador Magazine:

Mirador Magazine is an ad-free, age-appropriate online and print publication for neurodivergent communities. Their growing readership includes those with various stages of dementia and people of all ages recovering from brain trauma such as concussion, TBI or stroke. They also have readers who experience chronic symptoms from autoimmune disease and people with autism and ADHD.

The pages include short features on nature, science, history and the people who make our world wonderful. Mirador Magazine is about making connections within oneself, with others and building community. Each page and online offering can be enjoyed alone or with family members and friends cross-generationally.