If you have cared for a loved one before then you know first-hand that it can be difficult to find time to do the things that you use to enjoy and if you’re caring for a loved one right now, then today’s topic will hopefully help to make it a little easier for you as you care for your loved one.

We are going to be discussing some of the top books for family caregivers. This is an objective list, and you may have your own recommendations that have helped you as you cared for your loved one. If so, we would love to hear which books were the most helpful to you.

There are many great books available to caregivers and families when they find themselves facing long-term care issues and uncertainty. The issues can be wide-ranging from small issues to bigger and more serious ones. Either way, when we take that very first step as a family caregiver there is little in the way of preparation for what can be expected.

There is usually little to no warning and everyone’s situation is unique to them and their circumstances. Some families may be providing care from long-distance, while others may be caring for a spouse, and for others, it may be the adult children now need to find ways to help mom who was recently diagnosed with dementia.

There isn’t a one size fits all for any one situation, however, there are some very good and informative, helpful, and insightful books that can make it a little easier on families and their loved ones and they face these caregiving and long-term care issues together.

We have compiled a list on some of what we consider the most helpful books for families that range from the beginning stages of caregiving to books that cover the more advanced and complicated issues.

We understand and appreciate how difficult it can be for families and for family caregivers to find time for themselves and when they do there are most likely many other commitments and obligations that they need to take care of during their break and downtime from caregiving.

But when time allows and permits you to, we hope that you’ll find the book that fits best for your situation and that it becomes more of a companion than a book.