Sue Ryan Solutions

All Home Care Matters is honored to welcome the founder of Sue Ryan Solutions, Sue Ryan.

Sue’s mission is to empower and embolden individuals to maximize the opportunities and potential change will bring. As a speaker, change strategist, author, executive coach, caregiving coach and mentor, she lives this through two passions of her purpose. She guides and inspires leaders and emerging leaders committed to business growth and next-level leadership to be great leaders of themselves and others. She guides non- professional caregivers to become confident, balanced, and supported in all phases of their caregiving journey.

Sue specializes in helping individuals and teams thrive during times of change. Working with them to clarify, align, develop, and implement solutions in highly competitive markets, while creating their culture poised to face the challenges of change with resilience and right action in the direction of their goals, they successfully deliver long-term brand growth and value. Whether change is due to external factors such as market shifts, technology innovation, economic changes – or setting their sights on growth and expansion – understanding the dynamics and psychology of change enhances their ability for success. Sue delivers these through her signature offerings Intentionally Navigating Transitions – Leadership

Through the Dimensions of Change, The Prodigy ZoneTM, Leadership C.A.R.E.S.TM, and The Caregiver’s Journey.

Sue’s corporate career of more than 30 years was in enterprise application software sales to companies across industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Utilities. She was responsible for ensuring individuals were poised for change and their organizations were positioned for predictable success. While her performance was consistently recognized in the top tier, her most satisfying achievement was her nearly 100% client retention rate.

Sue has been in roles of family caregiving support for more than forty years.

She’s moved from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and yes – sometimes frightened – to confident, balanced, and supported, navigating the transitions in her life, her care receivers, and those who support them on their journey. As a speaker, coach, author, educator, and mentor, she shares the lessons, tips, and strategies she’s learned to help others positively navigate their caregiving journeys.

Sue has been a volunteer mentor of emerging leaders for Menttium since 2011. Sue volunteers in the children’s ministry of Gulf Community Church, is a member of the Blue Zone’s Engagement Committee, and a passionate technology educator for seniors. Sue is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Through her coaching, Sue earned the John Mattone Platinum-Elite Executive Coach ranking. Sue supports the Leadership Collier Foundation and is a 2023 graduate of Leadership Collier.

She volunteers as a speaker and Community Educator for The Alzheimer’s Association, and is a speaker and volunteer for AlzAuthors. She has authored or co-authored three International best-selling books. Two are in the field of business. Her non-professional caregiving book is Our Journey of Love, 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey. She created the online course The Caregiver’s Journey to support caregivers through their entire caregiving journey. Sue recently gave her first TEDx talk. Next stop, the TED platform.