Home Ideations & National Aging in Place Council

All Home Care Matters is honored to welcome Scott Fulton as guest to the show. Scott is the President of Home Ideations, President of the National Aging in Place Council, and Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Scott’s engineering and research career scraped the underbelly of industries, tickled the vast expanse of science and innovation, and tangoed between corporate and entrepreneurship.

Today, Scott teaches Longevity at the Universities of Virginia and Delaware campuses.

He’s a podcast host and co-author of 3 books. WHEALTHSPAN is next, due out in late 2023.

The LIVABILITY PROJECT is a model home Scott designed and built for 21st-century longevity living with his wife Cindy.

Regarded by many as an innovative and pragmatic thought leader in the aging space, Scott says he mostly just wants to help us all be better informed and ask better questions.