Moving On After Caregiving

Being a caregiver is a major responsibility, and when your time as caregiver ends, it can feel like you’re unsure and insecure about what you should do. You might wonder where to go, or how to continue.

In some cases, it may involve grieving because of the loss of a loved one, and this can be stressful for people. You’re not alone in this regard, as many caregivers do struggle with being able to fully move on after caregiving.

In this episode, you’ll learn some tips about what you can do when your time as caregiver ends and what you should do so you don’t fall into destructive habits.

Destructive habits are common after losing someone you’ve been taking care of for so long, but you’re not alone. It can feel overwhelming and burdening, but luckily, with this episode, you’ll be armed with the tips to help you when the caregiving ends.