Ethics of Dementia & Social Media

All Home Care Matters is featuring a 9 person panel of the world’s leading dementia advocates, influencers, educators, and experts to discuss the “Ethics of Dementia and Social Media.”

The “Ethics of Dementia & Social Media” came about after having asked the question as to whether a person with dementia should have images and/or videos of themselves posted to social media if they are unable to provide consent?

If the post is done in a positive way, does this change one’s opinion as to whether it should be posted or not?

Isn’t consent still consent regardless of the purpose and perspective of what is being posted?

Should there be guidelines, policies, and safeguards in place protecting these individuals with dementia from having their images posted to social media either as a photo or video?

The 9 person panel discussion we hosted addressing these questions and this issue will be released on February 14th, 2023 on our Official YouTube channel and on any of your favorite podcast streaming platforms.