Care Partners Resource

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome Lori Lemasters who is the founder of Care Partners Resource & Author of “You’re a Caregiver, Not a Saint: Yeah, Write.”

Lori Ramos Lemasters is the founder of Care Partners Resource and Consulting and a certified Journal to the Self ® Therapeutic Writing Instructor. She cared for her parents the last eight years of their lives and uses that experience to teach caregivers the benefits of using therapeutic journal writing to manage the challenges of caring for a loved one. Lori is an author, with publications under the last names of Lemasters and Cavallo. She has partnered with many local and national organizations to teach therapeutic journaling to caregivers.

Lori created Caregivers Tuesday Talks Outside the Box and in conjunction with AARP Care-FULL Conversations both are available on Care Partners Resource YouTube Channel. Most recently Lori has published a book “You’re a Caregiver, Not a Saint: Yeah Write” which is available on Amazon or on the Care Partners Resource website.

About Care Partners Resource Company Summary:

Care Partners Resource provides self-care education to care-giving audiences experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, guilt or any of the other natural emotions that come as a result of caring for a loved one. We use mindfulness and therapeutic journal writing in a format that is clear, to the point and user friendly. This education is offered on line via Zoom or in person.