Kindly written by Natalia Millman

Dementia took my dad away nearly two years ago. The visions of his suffering often come to me at night. The feelings of guilt and regret are not easing off. Time heals they say, in a way it does but only for a little bit. The loss is rooted deep inside me now and frequently surfaces to hurt some more.

Being a self-taught artist I was always hyper sensitive to the world around and enjoyed painting subtle abstract landscapes. The experience of loss transformed my thinking and directed me along a new path of self-discovery. My research focused on ageing, dementia, memory loss, cognition, the loss of self and afterlife.

The new body of work started to evolve. Lacking vibrant colors, rough textures, tree trunks shaped like limbs, disturbing ideas were pouring out of me. This creative flow was part of the grieving process. I felt the need to do it for myself, to understand what my dad must have felt trying to make sense of the world through confusion and realisation of inevitable end. I wanted to share my family’s story about this tragic illness.

Vanishing Point 1

I have looked at physical changes, the effect of dementia on the brain, social barriers that segregate the old, versions of afterlife. Having produced these pieces, I now aim to raise awareness and support organisations who assist the elderly affected by dementia.

Much of my work is constructed from material found on building sites and dumps which I give another life modifying its past function. What I find resonates with the feeling of care and support for disappearing and unwanted.  I am looking to protect the found object and incorporate it into my project.

Vanishing Point 2
Vanishing Point 3

I am working towards my solo show VANISHING POINT, October 6-10 October 2021, The Crypt Gallery, London. I am excited to share my story with the world although I am aware that it might be upsetting for some. The unique, atmospheric Crypt Gallery in London’s Euston area, is hidden underground, with no natural light. The show will run 6-10 October 10.00 AM-5.30PM with daily events.

Launch party with complimentary drinks – 6 October 2021 5.30-8.30PM.

Vanishing Point Poster

If you would like to learn more about my work please visit my website

Please email or call 07702945751.

I moved to London from Ukraine in 2001 and have been a part of Insight school of Art since 2013. I was recently invited to join the prestigious Studio Fridays group of artists.

I regularly exhibit in Art Fairs, solo or in group shows and pop-up exhibitions.