Watching films with a loved one with Dementia may seem daunting and too difficult when taking into consideration concentration, attention span and being able to follow a storyline.

However, some films, especially those with music, can be brilliant (and so rewarding) for those living with Dementia and for us to share with them.

Choosing a film with lots of music and a simple plot line can really help and keep your loved one engaged and entertained throughout.

Some films that you may want to try are:

Mamma Mia!

Great for those familiar with Abba music and enables a little sing-a-long

Mr Bean

Simple and straightforward comedy that is easy to understand

Charlie Chaplin

Easy to follow and may even bring about some nostalgia

Pretty Woman

(my personal favourite)

A heartwarming story with a storyline that is easy to follow

Top Gun

An action movie with an easy to follow storyline

The Sound of Music

A heartwarming musical with songs that you can join in with


A romantic storyline that is easy to follow and great to have a singalong to

Remember, as always, there is no ‘one size fits all’ and each individual’s Dementia journey is different and so finding the right film will be just as individual as the person themselves.