Living with Dementia

All Home Care Matters was privileged to welcome Dr. Jennifer Bute to the show to discuss her story about how as a medical doctor she came to diagnosis herself with dementia.

Dr. Jennifer Bute, lives in a Dementia supportive retirement village having previously lived in a Dementia inclusive one for 11 years She worked in Africa as a doctor before working as a GP for 25 years involved in medical education. She resigned early as she realized things were not right, and was diagnosed with dementia twelve years ago.

Jennifer speaks at conferences and on radio, has been involved in television programs raising awareness and understanding of dementia around the world. She passionately believes more can be done to improve both the present and the future for those living with dementia.

Jennifer’s book ‘Dementia from the Inside A Doctors Personal Journey of Hope’ is her story and explains these principles and has recently been translated into Chinese.

Jennifer has a Website containing many free resources including short educative videos and a short children’s cartoon about a dragon with dementia. She also posts weekly blogs explaining different aspects of dementia as she never stops learning