Infectious Diseases & Infection Control

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome, Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci as a guest to the show.

Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci, president and founder of IPCWell, has always had a passion for mitigating infectious diseases through a data-driven approach. Even before the pandemic, Buffy realized how serious infections disproportionately impact vulnerable populations. COVID-19, in her view, merely sheds light on the systemic challenge of infection prevention and control and its adverse impact on patient care.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, IPCWell has taken a “boots on the ground” approach to support healthcare facilities such as nursing homes across the nation, doing in-person, deep-dive assessments to offer immediate support to healthcare workers on the frontlines. Dr. Lloyd-Krejci travels the country to long-term care facilities to assess, train, and educate with humor, vigor, and empathy. She has developed practical tools, led trainings and “train the trainer” programs, provided ongoing support to IPC teams, and created the “LTC playbook” for Doctors Without Borders infection control support for early use in hard hit areas of Detroit and Houston.

When she is not on-site, she is participating in and offering her expertise to other national projects such as Project Echo, a hub-and-spoke knowledge sharing network to support NH leadership during COVID-19, developing content for IPC curriculum, conducting virtual clinics on infection control EPIC and Emergency Preparedness Infection Control disaster programs, providing infection prevention and control support to the Havasupai Native American tribe, and supporting the CDC/White House Vaccinate America Forum.

Recently, she published her first book, BROKEN: How the Global Pandemic Uncovered a Nursing Home System in Need of Repair and the Heroic Staff Fighting for Change, a novel which exposes the dire need of a massive policy overhaul within the nursing home industry.