Dementia Society of America

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome, Mr. Kevin Jameson as our guest to the show. Kevin is the founder of the Dementia Society of America, as well as the Volunteer President and Chairman.

Business Executive. Starting as a young entrepreneur from the age of 18, and having launched several start-up businesses in the security industry, Mr. Jameson carried on his career as a sales and marketing executive, which has included over 35 years with major corporate divisions of ADT, BOSCH, and Honeywell International.

Author, singer, inventor, and patent holder, Kevin has traveled to Europe, Asia, India, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, South and Central America, and throughout North America to see how the world really lives. Kevin also has a personal story and connection to Dementia. His first wife, Ginny, together for 32 years, died from Dementia, and thus he leads the fight against all forms with thoughts, words, and deeds.

In 2016, Jameson was awarded a Doctorate of Public Service, Honoris Causa (DrHC) for his life’s work, by his alma mater. His establishment of the Dementia Society is a mission in the making.

Mr. Jameson also serves on the Board of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

About the Dementia Society of America:

Dementia Society of America® (DSA) is the nation’s leading volunteer-driven all-Dementias awareness organization. DSA provides an information hotline (1-800-DEMENTIA®), many online resources, and an easy-to-use, web-based locator, which can help families and individuals find valuable support near to them.

DSA underwrites through its Ginny Gives® Program, non-medical activities focused on: music and singing; dance and movement; the visual arts, touch, and sensory stimulation. The Dementia CARER™, Dementia SMART®, and Dementia QUEST® Programs provide recognition to those who serve the Dementia community through meaningful care, innovation and research respectively.

Whether as a Volunteer Board Member or Advisor, if you believe you have the skills, connections, and a “passion for making change happen,” please let them know.

The Dementia Society of America is here to help!

Their programs bring much-needed education, local resources, and life enrichment to individuals and families impacted by Dementia.

They recognize Dementia caregivers and innovators and raise HOPE by spotlighting relevant research to discover cures and causes and encourage early detection and meaningful interventions.

Dementia Society of America is your volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity serving the nation for all causes of Dementia, including:

• Workshops
• Legacy Gifts
• Resources
• Memorials
• Donate

Contact the Dementia Society of America: