Busy Minds, with Kristina Lubofsky

All Home Care Matters is honored to welcome the Founder & CEO of Busy Minds Box, Kristina Lubofsky.

Kristina Lubofsky, MS, is a gerontologist certified in brain health and dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults. After the third Alzheimer’s diagnosis in her family, she founded a company that distributes activities designed to promote learning, better brain health, and quality of life to older adults every month and this company is named Busy Minds Box.

As a caregiver, she would bring activities to her grandmother as a way to connect. She knew her fellow caregivers were constantly searching for ways to connect with their own loved ones with dementia. She understood that those living with dementia deserve a better quality of life, one where they feel like they have a purpose. She came to learn that older adults, with or without cognitive challenges, often find themselves homebound but still want to find ways to fill their time in a meaningful way.

Busy Minds Boxes fill these underserved needs, all while promoting better brain health by targeting different areas of the brain with each month’s collection of activities.

Each Busy Minds Box features a fresh new theme each month and hours’ worth of fun and engaging activities designed to target different areas of the brain. Activities include custom-designed arts and crafts, puzzles, games, books, and more!