California Caregiver Resource Centers

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome two executive directors from the California Caregiver Resource Centers to share and discuss the tremendous work that the California Caregiver Resource Centers are doing to help support families and caregivers.

The California Caregiver Resource Centers (CRCs) are a network of 11 centers throughout California which annually serve over 18,000 family caregivers, who are caring for adults affected by chronic and debilitating health conditions, degenerative diseases, or traumatic brain injury. Combined, the CRCs serve every county in California. Each CRC tailors its services to its geographic area, and offers family caregivers a range of core programs from counseling and care planning, to legal/financial consulting and respite, at low to no cost.

John Beleutz, Executive Director of Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center and Michelle DiBuduo, Executive Director of Valley Caregiver Resource Center, are here to represent the CRCs.

John, Executive Director of Del Mar CRC since 2006, has dedicated his career to delivering quality health and social services for vulnerable people. His work experience includes: Director of the Health Education and Training Center for the Community Health Partnership, Director of US Programs and Romania Country Representative for Population Services International, and Executive Director of the Pitt County AIDS Service Organization.

Michelle, Executive Director of Valley CRC since 2011, has been involved with Valley CRC in many various capacities. In 2000, Michelle was introduced to Valley CRC through her mother’s illness, and then she became a volunteer. From 2000-2011 she was involved in caregiver education, outreach and fundraising. Her background includes accounting for her families’ companies for over 35 years.