Gleam in Your Eye, Dementia Activity and Support

All Home Care Matters is excited to welcome Marie Vaudry the founder of Gleam in Your Eye. Gleam in Your Eye is a dementia activity and resource that is helping families with loved ones with dementia stay active and engaged.

In 2021, Marie set out to create a more comprehensive experience that includes logical activities, while also addressing the sensory and physical needs of patients. Surrounded by a passionate team, she founded Gleam in Your Eye and developed an innovative product offering a monthly subscription box filled with fun and stimulating activities.

The boxes are delivered directly to the homes of patients, making life easier for caregivers. Each box includes five different games, designed to engage the senses, provoke logical thinking, invite play with words, stimulate artistic expression and encourage light physical moves.

Gleam in Your Eye is a monthly subscription box of games adapted for people with moderate dementia. Like everyone, these persons deserve a positive environment and interactions in their day-to-day lives. That’s why all the games have been designed to keep them entertained and stimulated.