DailyCaring – Solving Day-to-Day Caregiving Problems

All Home Care Matters is honored to welcome a remarkable guest to the show, Connie Chow. Connie is the co-founder of DailyCaring.com.

Connie was a hands-on caregiver for her grandmother for 20 years. She knows exactly how challenging, overwhelming, and all-consuming caring for an older adult can be. She also knows how important support is – especially in the form of practical solutions, useful resources, and tips for self-care.

Connie has an MBA from University of Southern California and a Bachelor’s in Economics from University of California at Berkeley. Prior to founding DailyCaring, she built and managed online products in the financial and tech industries.

About DailyCaring:

When caring for an older adult (and trying to stay sane), you need practical answers fast. DailyCaring.com helps you solve the frustrating day-to-day problems that make you lose your temper or keep you up at night.

At DailyCaring.com, they search everywhere to find the most practical and useful tips, advice, personal stories, and resources related to caregiving and aging. Then, they boil it down to the most important points you need to know.

The DailyCaring.com website is easy on the eyes. easy to navigate, and makes it a snap to find the information you need right now. Plus, you can subscribe to their free daily email newsletter so you never miss out on the latest info.

When you’re informed and empowered, you’ll improve health and wellness for both your older adult and yourself.