Michelle Colucci

Michelle Colucci

Growing up, Caregiving was well-modeled in my family. My parents took in and cared for my maternal Grandmother and Aunt. My Grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia, and could no longer care for my aunt with special needs. They lived with my parents for many years until their needs became too great.  We found a lovely facility to continue their care needs. My family considers it a gift to be able to care for your loved ones.

This example of love and care helped me when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer at age 47.  Our world was turned upside-down and I could have used any of my fellow board members’ resources to help guide us through the journey ahead. My husband fought the cancer for 13 months before losing the battle. It was difficult to navigate everything involved with this horrible disease, but we managed. I was blessed to be able to care for him, and our two young daughters.

I needed this experience when my husbands’ sister was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer two years after her brother died.  I was able to use what I had learned and help my other sister-in-law care for her.  It was an honor and a privilege to help them both.

I took all of this life experience to my job at a home care company where I found it most fulfilling to help families navigate the care of their loved ones.  It is such a blessing to help people.  There needs to be more support for caregivers and families.

Today, I care for my now 17 and 20 year-old daughters and our sweet 14 year-old lab Lola.

All Home Care Matters Board Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide those needing care, their families, and caregivers with quality resources to guide them on their care journeys and to let them know that they are not alone.

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All Home Care Matters is sponsored by Enriched Life Home Care Services - an award-winning home care company that has been serving families and communities throughout Southeastern Michigan since 2013.

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