Understanding and Living with Dementia

Today on All Home Care Matters, we have the privilege of welcoming International Dementia Expert, Speaker, and Champion, Mr. Tim England.

Tim England demystifies and destigmatized dementia in the community and advocates for people living with dementia and their families to live well. Being a Dementia Care Specialist, an experienced Educator, an effective Consultant and an Advance Care Planner he encourages others to make a positive difference to people living with dementia in their community. Tim achieves this by sharing information about dementias pathology, the personal impact of dementia, and what can be done to help.

Before he changed careers 11+ years ago and entered the Aged Care Industry Tim had been very successful in a number of positions within other industries including:- Scuba Diving, Retail Sales, Professional Sales training, Hospitality, and Learning & Development, and produced and delivered pragmatic leadership and coaching workshops to front line staff and line management. Tim was the creator of the world’s first publicly accessible shark diving program at the internationally acclaimed tourist venue Oceanworld in Sydney, Australia. This benchmark program allowed individuals, who had no prior scuba diving experience, to swim underwater in a public aquarium with over 70 sharks. He’s program became the framework for international aquariums to duplicate.

In 2010, Tim choose to become a professional Care Worker within the Community Aged Care sector. Since entering the industry he has worked extensively in the community where every day and every client presents copious challenges and opportunities to excel in client centered care.

In 2013 and while working full time Tim enrolled into full time study at the University of Tasmania as a mature aged student to complete the first ever Bachelor of Dementia Care program via the world renown Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre. Graduating in 2016 he is currently 1 of only 400 individuals with this degree and is listed on the University of Tasmania Dean’s Roll of Excellence. Tim is currently completing post graduate studies to gain the world’s first Masters of Dementia by end 2021.

Since 2017 Tim has hosted hundreds of free public dementia education events to raise the awareness of dementia. The current COVID issues has put a temporary hold on these events. However, his community work has been recognized by state parliament, twice in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care, and by Rotary Australia when awarded the ‘Paul Harris Award’ for Community Service, and Tim is a member of the GOLDEN KEY International Honor Society.

Issues surrounding Covid-19 has not stop Tim. Recently he has begun a YouTube channel called ‘Ask a Dementia Champion’ that has the goal of raising the level of dementia awareness and knowledge in the community and to destigmatize dementia more broadly by sharing his dementia knowledge and experiences. Finally Tim has also been a consultant for a number of university research projects and is currently an Associated Investigator for a local university dementia research project.

Tim’s style is relaxed and uses simple non-complicated terms and language to effectively inform and advise others so that correct choices are made, and he is committed to finding, sharing, and creating bold and innovative new ideas in health and dementia care.

We want to say thank you for joining us here at All Home Care Matters, All Home Care Matters is here for you and to help families as they navigate long-term care issues. We also want to again say thank you to Tim England for taking the time to speak with us today about how to raise awareness about dementia for families and communities. Please visit us at allhomecarematters.com there is a private secure fillable form there where you can give us feedback, show ideas, or if you have questions. Every form is read and responded to. If you know someone is who could benefit from this episode and please make sure to share it with them.