AlayaCare – Provider of Cloud-based Home Health Care Software

Neil Grunberg serves as Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development at AlayaCare. Grunberg has spent more than 17 years focused on workforce management, mobility, and operational software. His breadth of expertise ranges from consulting and project management to pre-sales and then eventually onto managing sales and marketing for a successful startup before joining the Vortex Connect team and then onto AlayaCare.

During this interview, we explore AlayaCare with Neil. We asked questions such as:
What is AlayaCare?
Background on how it started What was the underlying need for home care software?
Neil’s personal connection to home care What type of clients does AlayaCare serve?
What benefits does AlayaCare bring to home care organizations and the clients that they serve?
What sets AlayaCare apart from competitors?
Examples of innovative features:
Virtual Care Suite
Importance during the pandemic
Family Portal
Machine learning/AI capabilities

AlayaCare delivers home health care software, services, and data insights that empower care providers worldwide to deliver better outcomes. Home health care organizations use our end-to-end platform to optimize operations, scale their business, retain employees, and most importantly, deliver better care. For more information, visit:

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