A Story of Love and Mixed Dementia

All Home Care Matters welcomed Patti LaFleur as a guest to the show to share her and her mother’s story of love and mixed dementia. During this interview Patti shares the incredible bond that her and her mother shared and her story of being a care partner with her mother.

Patti had the ultimate opportunity to be the care partner for her Mom, Linda. They were meant to be. Linda adopted Patti when she was a baby and Patti had the amazing opportunity to care for her as she lived (and thrived!) with dementia and type 1 diabetes. Patti cared for her full time for about three years and her goal was to find joy every day as her care partner. It was a true partnership between them and you could always find them creating, singing, laughing and loving together every day!

Patti’s background is in Elementary Education and she was a Kindergarten teacher for the last 9 years. Patti had a true understanding that behavior is communication allowed her to maintain patience and love with her mom as they navigated this disease. Patti has recently started volunteering for the Alzheimer’s association and Dementia friends doing community outreach. Patti also runs a monthly informal support group for Young Caregivers of Loved Ones with dementia on Facebook and enjoy connecting with other care partners.

Linda’s bio (Patti’s Mom):

Linda was the Mom every person wished they had. She was kind, loving, supportive and meant to be a Mom. She was born and raised in the Washington area. After graduating high school, she began working at Boeing and met her husband Louis there. She worked as a secretary for several years, before adopting her first daughter Julie and 8 years later adopted her second daughter Patti. Linda was joy in human form and every person that met her was better for knowing her.