Memory Lane TV

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome a distinguished guest, Mr. Alban Maino the founder and CEO of Memory Lane TV.

Alban Maino is a noted Franco-American media producer passionate about integrative health. After personal experiences in his family with palliative care, he embarked on a social impact mission to help people living with memory loss. After several years of product development in Europe and New England, he launched in 2022 the first streaming platform for people living with dementia:

Passionate about mindfulness and philosophy, cinematography and photography, goat cheese and wine, hiking and walking in noble silence, music and poetry…among other things…Alban believes that life’s purpose is to remain optimistic on all levels and do your best to make other people feel good.

Memory Lane TV is the Netflix of dementia care! A unique streaming platform using multi-sensory tools (even aromatherapy) to alleviate symptoms of dementia and increase well being or both people living with dementia & their caregivers.

Memory Lane TV is a digital health tool that induces sensory stimulation to both activate memory and to mitigate many of the behavioral and psychological symptoms that often accompany Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. It is effectively a media streaming service (like Netflix or Hulu) so it is very easy to use and is widely available, but all of the content is scientifically designed to be therapeutically helpful for managing these symptoms.