Today we wanted to take some time and talk about Adult Day Care Programs. If you aren’t familiar with what an Adult Day Care program is that’s ok. It is not always one of the first options that families are either told about or consider when looking for either respite care for themselves or as an option when their loved one may no longer able to be by themselves.

These centers are a great resource for families and also for their loved ones. However, as we mentioned there isn’t an overabundance of them available like nursing homes, home care providers, and assisted living facilities are. This is because certain types of adult day care programs only offer certain services, the services that each of the adult day care locations offer can vary widely, and their criteria for who would be a good fit and qualify to use their services can vary as well.

Adult daycare programs are a wonderful resource for not only families but also their loved ones. But, then why aren’t they commonplace like all the other long-term care and senior assistance options that we hear about daily? This is because families tend to refuse this option and worry that their loved one will resent being a part of such a program and others feel guilty dropping off and leaving their loved ones with someone else.

When a family does finally decide to try the program if even for a day. However, more times than not their loved one develops friends with other participants, and their family or the person that has been responsible for their care is able to enjoy the respite that the adult daycare has provided to them.