Vick Hoak Talks About Home Care During Covid-19

We are honored to welcome to All Home Care Matters the Executive Director of the Home Care Association of America, Vicki Hoak. We will be speaking with Vicki about the effect that Covid-19 has had on the Home Care industry and the caregivers, home health aides, and those on the front lines helping families to keep their loved ones safe and cared for during the pandemic. During the pandemic, the spotlight and focus on the importance of the Home Care industry and its employees had never been more important.

We will explore where the Home Care industry is headed and how Home Care has started to be seen more so than possibly ever as a crucial component of the health care system. We want to thank you for joining us here at All Home Care Matters. All Home Care Matters is here for you and to help families as they navigate long-term care issues. We also would like to express our appreciation to Vicki Hoak for taking timeout to speak with us today about the Home Care industry and the important work that the Home Care Association of America is doing for the Home Care industry.

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