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All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome Johann Ilgenfritz the founder of UK Health Radio as a guest to the show.

Johann Ilgenfritz attained his Master in Photography in Germany, working successfully as a Fashion Photographer for almost 20 years in Hamburg and London. His life changed drastically in 2011 when he had a heart attack and six month later was diagnosed with cancer.

After unsuccessful Radio Therapy he was left to find other survival options which he did. During his search for a cure he turned to the internet, soon realising that there was no one central point where you could turn to for health information, regardless of what your health issue are. He decided on creating just such a platform and six weeks later, launched the beta version of UK Health Radio, still fighting cancer at the time.

Through Nutritional and Lifestyle changes he finally beat cancer and since then has been named “The Curator of Health Expertise” by the press. His mantra is “Good health is a choice”! He went from believing that cancer was the cause of his illness to realising that cancer was only a symptom of an already sick body. He knew if he could change the cause he would change the effect. Through his vision, UK Health Radio ( has attained a very clear purpose, this is to inform and animate people to take responsibility for their own health. This does not mean taking your health into your own hands, but to be part of the process of attaining and/or keeping your health freedom. It is all about being informed, being empowered and being healthy!

UK Health Radio has the most in-depth information on the widest range of health and wellness topics – available anywhere today. All aspects of health and wellness, fitness, diet and nutrition, illness prevention and environment issues, but with the main focus on prevention rather than cure. UK Health Radio presents it’s information through 41 shows, that air 24/7, with 1.3M and growing, very dedicated listeners. There is a Listen on Demand section, the enormously popular digital monthly health & wellness magazine called Health Triangle Magazine. UK Health Radio is now also available on 15 podcast platforms across the world with a possible reach of almost 700M listeners.

Podcast platforms that include Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart, JioSaavn…

Johann won the ‘Inspiration – Holistic Therapist Business Awards’ 2017 and 2019 he won the ‘The Best You Awards’ – in the category Best Up-And-Coming Inspirational Influencer.

Summary of UK Health Radio:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.

We at UK Health Radio have a very clear purpose and through our new, state of the art website, we hope to inform and animate YOU, in a positive way, to take responsibility for our own health! This does not mean taking your health into your own hands, but to be an active part of the process of attaining and/or keeping your health freedom.

We are The World’s no.1 ‘Talk Health’ radio station and podcast platform, airing 24/7 with 41 new health shows every week- our stated mission is to INFORM the world one show at a time!

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