6 Not-So-Secrets to Successful Aging

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome the President of Talk About Aging, Janice Goldmintz.

Talk About Aging was founded in 2016. Janice helps children and their aging parents get in sync, any age, any stage. Janice’s expertise came through both academic and personal experiences. With her Master’s degree in Gerontology she was given wide insight into what can be done to assist our seniors in creating the highest quality of life possible, no matter what the challenges may be.

As a child of older adult parents, she had to sift through many options, changes and emotional situations which allowed her to help bring families together to create peace of mind and accord. What Janice provides is a way to untangle the overwhelm, whether from medical issues, family dynamics or work/life issues.

About 6 Not-So-Secrets to Successful Aging:

Our older adults deserve to live their life with the highest degree of quality. These 6 not so secrets address many of the challenges that face our seniors. They also focus positive light to what can be accomplished to create a meaningful and joyful life at any age. The topics we look at range from attitudes we have about aging to helping others create their best life. These are now no longer secret-and now we can have our older adults move forward and plan for a very positive future.