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Bridgetown Music Therapy

Alexis Baker Bridgetown Music Therapy

We all relate to music one way or another, right? Just think for a moment about the songs from your childhood, or the music you listened to in your teens, 20’s, 30’s and so on. Were you ever in a band or choir? Dance for fun or take lessons? Think about your experiences listening to music alone, and with friends. How about major life events marked by music… so many different experiences that involve music. It’s no wonder we get so attached to it! Music is unique in its effect on the mind, body and soul.

Did you know that music affects ALL areas of the brain? In their work with magnetic resonance imaging, researchers have observed that listening to music and involvement in music-based activities lights up all areas of the brain. Music involves many different elements such as rhythm, pitch, tone, timbre, memory, anticipation, and lyrics, each of which affect the brain in one or multiple ways.

This is why music can be so beneficial for a person with dementia. Music is also a natural motivator, making it the perfect tool for engaging an individual with dementia. Music can unlock past memories, improve mood, increase energy levels, and promote relaxation.

Singing alone has amazing benefits such as relieving stress, boosting the immune system, promoting communal bonding, broadening expressive communication and improving lung capacity.

Music is powerful and can boost overall well-being. When used intentionally, it can really make a difference in a person’s quality of life, especially one living with dementia. At Bridgetown Music Therapy, our goal is to support participation in music activities, making them fun, easy and incredibly accessible though our online music program! Our video classes are designed to promote active engagement experiences that include singing, movement and relaxation.

Bridgetown Music Therapy

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