The Purple Vine

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome the founder of The Purple Vine, Author, & Caregiver Debbie Compton as guest to the show.

Debbie Compton is a three-time caregiver for parents with different forms of Dementia, Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s and Vascular Dementia. She is a Certified Caregiving Consultant, Certified Caregiver Advocate, Educator for the Alzheimer’s Assoc. speaker, and author of 9 books.

Debbie’s first book, Caregiving: How to hold on while letting go, offers actionable steps for caregivers as well as questions to ask doctors, in-home caregivers, facilities, and more. It is full of humor and inspiration.

Debbie is the founder of The Purple Vine LLC, whose mission is to empower caregivers with the tools and strategies needed to reduce stress, block burnout, and learn to laugh again.

Debbie believes it’s okay to get knocked down, but it’s not okay to stay down.