Photavia – All-Inclusive Short Video Experiences

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome Joe Hausch, John Wright, and Roger Anunsen to the show to discuss Photavia.

Photavia is a unique video content company.

We are time travelers. We are movie makers with purpose. PHOTAVIA creates all-inclusive short video experiences via art/photography, part video/musical experience, part education and part history.

We follow the science that shows pleasant thoughts invoked by visual memory triggers can be of therapeutic benefit to individuals, caregivers and families dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD, among others.

Our lifelong learning tools that we are developing continuously can reduce anxiety and stress, create reminiscence, and ignite inter-generational conversations with “art that triggers memories”.

Our unique licensing agreements and focus on the The LIFE Picture Collection™ and photos from LIFE Magazine provides incredible iconic content for our G-Rated short two-minute programs that engage, educate and enhance environments. We create Reminisce with Relevance.

Cognitive Enhancement and Engagement Tool:
With the specific cognitive benefits of Photo Reminiscence Therapy through all of our programming, we are perfect for seniors in any continuum of care, great in discovery meetings, important for families and extremely good for many living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

We can harness the power to Reminisce and there are so many positive health outcomes being discovered every day. In our recent “new world” presentations of new programs with various clients and communities, we are experiencing the Health & Social Benefits of Reminiscing with Relevance™ in real time. We watch better living through imagery happen every day.

We’re changing caregiving and lives.

Joe Hausch is President/CEO/CCO/Co-Founder, Investor and a Director. He has been part of day-to-day operations since 2014, raising funding, building a team and evaluating all opportunities in order to maintain controlled growth and profit expectations. He also owns and manages Hausch Design Agency specializing in building brands. Entrepreneur, Inventor, Artist, Designer, Musician; Joe has been been doing

Strategic/Creative Services for startups, small businesses and consulting not-for-profit organizations in Wisconsin since 1984. Clients have included NFL HOF QB Brett Favre to Bemis Corporation. Penfield Children’s Center to PHOTAVIA. As CEO/CCO he oversees PHOTAVIA’s day-to-day operations, maintaining awareness, and the shaping of its external and internal landscape. Joe has helped build over 500 brands, from startup to Fortune 500 and has personally been a vested part of 6 startups to date.

John Wright, CAPS, CSSP, Channel Partner/Affiliate, National Sales/ Sanus Lifestyle Solutions, Owner, Senior Living and Technology executive with 21+ years of progressive leadership experience that optimizes financial and operational performance. Extensive experience in all aspects of senior living, age in place, and revenue cycle management.

A successful career spent building healthcare strategies, launching impactful technology solutions, and growing diverse senior living businesses. Has strong entrepreneurial acumen and business development skills which led to partnerships with in-home care providers and senior living communities nationally.
John is a results driven individual with a focus on cultivating relationships and developing people. His ability to accurately assess opportunities and create a positive outcome is one of his strengths. A huge PHOTAVIA advocate!

Roger Anunsen, Cognitive Program Designer, Nationally honored College Gerontology Instructor, and Cofounder of MINDRAMPRoger is a brain health strategist, gerontologist, TEDx Talk veteran, consultant, and a principal in MINDRAMP Consulting. Roger was an attorney for 26 years helping clients that included family farmers in the Oregon. In 1999, he lost his legal career to professional burnout. Soon, he was creating countless games, activities, classes, tours, happenings, and new ways of keeping their minds fit, engaging senior living and enjoying life itself. Roger’s innovative program he named “MemAerobics”.