Unmasking Elder Abuse

Welcome to Conscious Caregiving with L & L. The monthly show where we discuss the topics and issues affecting seniors and the senior care industry.
In this episode we welcome leading and influential experts from around the world to discuss the issue of Elder Abuse.

We are honored to welcome the following members of our esteemed:

Bettina Morrow –

Adult Protection Services – Specializing in Dementia
Email: bettinamorrow1@gmail.com

Paul Greenwood –

Paul is a nationally and internationally renowned (retired) district attorney with over 40 years of practice specializing in elder abuse and felony criminal prosecution. Paul is dually qualified to practice law in the UK and California (Paul is English). In 1996 Paul established a new prosecution unit in San Diego that specifically focused on prosecuting felony elder abuse crimes and has prosecuted over 750 felony cases of elder abuse.
Email: paul@greenwoodlawcorp.com

Rick Mountcastle –

Rick is a former Federal Prosecutor and is known for the award series on Hulu “Dopesick: which focused on his case and work to bring down Perdu Pharma. Rick has also had many cases against nursing homes and rehab facilities that have led to large financial penalties and fees for neglect and abuse.
Email: rickmtcastle77@gmail.com

William “Bill” Lightfoot –

Bill is a (ret.) 36 year veteran with the Virginia police force and Special Investigators Unit with a focus on Elder Abuse.
Email: lightfootwh976@gmail.com

Susan Carson –

Susan is a Registered Nurse in the E.R. specializing as a Forensic Nurse Examiner and is very familiar with Elder Abuse and the medical side of the issue. Susan has also worked along side Bill Lightfoot for many years.
Email: scbearhugs@gmail.com

Elion Caspi –

Eilon is a Gerontologist and Dementia behavior specialist. He is currently conducting research on the issue of retaliatory actions for seniors reporting abuse they may have been subjected to.
Email: eiloncasp@gmail.com

Kristine Sundberg:

Founder of Elder Voice Family Advocates.
Email: Kristine_sundberg@hotmail.com


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