Care Right Inc.

Annalee started Care Right Inc, in 2011. Care Right is a nation-wide consultancy serving families across the US in developing customized Aging Plans. Prior, she worked as a social worker, marketing director, and executive director in long term care communities for 18 years and saw a need for families to start discussing the “what ifs” of aging sooner rather than later.

Annalee launched the Care Right Family Caregiver Solutions Facebook group, providing solutions, tips, support, education, and sense of community to family caregivers across the world.

Annalee is also working with two international Accreditation firms to create an academy, (ASCA—Aging Strategist Coaching Academy) allowing her robust Aging Strategist training program to be accredited and certify the coaches who go through the academy.

She trains financial advisors across the US in becoming an Elder Planning Specialist, teaching advisors to better identify AND address the needs of their aging clients or those clients who are adult children/family caregivers and burning out.

Annalee also started the Care Crusade, a national campaign to improve the quality of care for our seniors and vulnerable adults.

Annalee is a national speaker and podcast guest on aging planning, aging issues, dementia care, improving family communication throughout the aging process, and many other topics.

Annalee’s book, The Invisible Patient: the emotional, financial, and physical toll on family caregivers is available on Amazon.