Alzheimer’s and Dementia Awareness with Marianne Sciucco R.N.

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome a truly remarkable person who is working to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and dementia and making a difference, Marianne Sciucco.

Marianne Sciucco is not a nurse who writes but a writer who happens to be a nurse, using her skills and experience to create stories that bear witness to the humanity in all of us. She writes contemporary, women’s and young adult fiction.

A lover of words and books, she studied the craft of writing as an English major at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and worked for a time as a newspaper reporter in New England. She eventually became a registered nurse to avoid poverty.

With more than 20-years’ experience as a staff nurse and case manager, she’s worked with countless families dealing with issues related to aging, elder care, Alzheimer’s, and nursing home placement. In 2002, she put the two together and began writing about the intricate lives of people struggling with health and family issues. She published her debut novel, Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer’s love story, in 2013 to glowing reviews.

This book led her to become a co-founder and director of AlzAuthors, the global community of authors writing about Alzheimer’s and dementia from personal experience to light the way for others.

Marianne has written an award-winning prequel to Blue Hydrangeas called Christmas at Blue Hydrangeas and is currently working on A Wedding at Blue Hydrangeas. She is the author of Swim Season, a young adult novel based on her 11-years’ experience as a Swim Mom in club, high school, and collegiate swimming.

She has also written several short stories, including Ino’s Love, Collection, and Birthday Party.

All of her work is available in Kindle, audiobook, and paperback.

When not writing she works as a campus nurse at a community college in New York’s Hudson Valley.